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The Study

+ Objective of the Study
+ Summary
+ This study involved

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The Property

+ Mine Location
+ Size of the Property
+ Deposist Location

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The Economics

+ Operational Expenses
+ Production Chart
+ Income & Outcome

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The Conclusion

+ Reserves Calculation
+ Mine Value Calculation
+ conclusion

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Traditionally, Bolivia is a mining country.
From the Incas to the colonization period, mining has been one of Bolivia’s main economic activities.
Gold, silver, tin, zinc and other minerals are an important part of the Bolivian mining industry.


According to its geomorphology and geographic location, Condor II is located in a region considered as the “pillow” of alluvial deposits in one of the richest zones of gold exploitation.
According to past investigations and studies performed by the Vice Ministry of Culture, and financed by France and other organizations such as the IGMB (Instituto Geográfico Militar de Bolivia),   it was concluded that  the “Gran Paititi”, a legendary rich region of gold, was situated around 7 km. north-east of Condor II.

The main objective of the study is to highlight the importance of the gold-bearing deposits through a reserve calculation that would show the quantities of gold that could exist in these deposits.
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